Daily Grind

July has had some pretty hot and humid days, the kind of days that make you feel as if you worked in a sauna-especially in huge metal machines that seem to attract every ray from the sun up above. Nevertheless, our rugged and dedicated team members brave the Jersey heat, rock the farmer’s tan, and always give 100% wherever they work.

Currently, we are operating on a huge land-clearing job with nearly 200 acres. Having cleared the whole lot, we are grinding the cedar and hardwood from the location-which is all for sale if you’re interested. (That was a shameless plug, but I’m sure you understand) Returning to my point; this can become pretty monotonous at times as you separate, pile, load, and grind the trees, then repeat, repeat, repeat. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you can’t. But regardless, we have all experienced bad days. As with any career or job, there are pros and cons. Maybe you dislike your employer or don’t get along with a coworker. The possibilities are endless. The exciting part though is that you, most often than not, can determine the outcome. By simply focusing on the positive qualities your workplace has to offer, you can change your environment.

As you go about your daily grind today, you may not be chipping cedar or even working outside. But I challenge you to think one positive thought or share one encouraging word. For with your one positive deed, you can create a chain reaction, and that reaction can lead many more people to have positive influences. Before you know it, your positivity has impacted your whole environment.


“Successful people make the most of the best and the best of the worst.”


Rise and grind folks! The best is yet to come.

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