2013-2014 Snow Season

Wild Heart Bulk Landscaping Supplies LogoThis 2013-2014 snow season has been unlike any other in the past twenty years. It’s been record setting. For contractors who get paid by the inch, this was an incredible time, yet for those that have set pricing on snow contracts, this could have been a season of great loss or just breaking even in costs.

While records were set with temperatures, snow and ice, this also produced several challenges to contractors. There was an ever-increasing need for rock salt and calcium chloride. With the increase of demand, vendors were selling out and prices began to soar through the roof! It was even reported that Port Newark, New Jersey’s largest depot for salt distribution became “very, very, low” and could not help walk-in customers. With that said, if you did not prepare in advance, you may have had to pay much more than you anticipated towards the end of the season.

Wild Heart was grateful to relieve some stress to our clients with our salt deliveries. We could not help everyone, as we were limited on supplies, but for those that were able to get some salt during the crisis time, it just felt good to hear their sighs of relief.

In the meantime, would you like to know some 2013-2014 cumulative snowfall totals we were able to retrieve? I think you’ll be surprised at the actual totals.

Hillsborough – 65.2 inches

Piscataway – 65.6 inches

Princeton – 61.9 inches

Sayreville – 60.8 inches

Somerset – 62.9 inches

As we are nearing the end of March, spring-time is right around the corner. Yet, it’s amazing that we still have a forecast looming over us that says we have a 35% chance of snow arriving on March 26th!  I have no details on how much is expected, but we’ll certainly keep you posted!

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