As a small business owner, I have been able to look back and reflect on the last 10 years in business. For me, it is true that the testing of one’s faith develops perseverance.

And this company persevered through hard times. May this testimony of God’s faithfulness through this article, help others find hope in the hardest of trials. This is my story.

Faith To Move Forward

Wild Heart Industries, LLC, a certified woman-owned, family-operated demolition company in Hillsborough, New Jersey, was formed during arguably one of the worst times in recent history to start a business—the financial crisis of 2007-2009. While there were challenges to endure early on, as there are with any new business, the…

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Bulk Mulch For Sale

Our grinder is at it again! Recently here at Wild Heart, we have been grinding and dying our own mulch. We have natural, brown, and black ready for bulk pick up. We will be strictly selling materials for commercial use. However, we are having a special sale for residential fire…

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God With Us

As many of you may know we experienced a shocking event last month. Our F450 utility truck was stolen, with what felt like a lifetime of accumulated tools. It was gone. Just like that- in a blink of an eye. However, we quickly sprung into motion by placing announcements on…

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Asbestos Abatement

You may be wondering what exactly that is…maybe you have seen it, heard of it, or even been affected by it. The truth is asbestos is a dangerous fiber formed in rocks that, when released, causes major illnesses in your lungs-two of them being forms of cancer. So, where is…

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Daily Grind

July has had some pretty hot and humid days, the kind of days that make you feel as if you worked in a sauna-especially in huge metal machines that seem to attract every ray from the sun up above. Nevertheless, our rugged and dedicated team members brave the Jersey heat,…

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Did you know? Your past experiences, including FAILURE can prepare you for future opportunities in life? Failure is a reality, but how you react to your challenging circumstances can set the stage for your destiny in life and quite possibly an even greater future success. Do you want an example?…

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Flipping USA Magazine

Wild Heart Industries is officially at the Heart of the Flip! You may be wondering what exactly we mean by that phrase. Well, Wild Heart is privileged to be on the back cover of the brand new Flipping USA magazine! In addition, we have partnered with the company, Flipping NJ,…

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Current Projects

Wild Heart is at it again, and we have some exciting news! We are currently hydroseeding Princeton University. The area is approximately 18 acres and should be fully seeded within the week. If you are interested in how efficient and effective hydroseeding is, please check out our past blog posts…

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Snow/Ice Management and Demolition

Looking back over the 2015-2016 snow season, New Jersey was pretty warm. It was the first time in years that we experienced weather this mild. However, Winter Storm Jonas changed everything. Not only was it the first measurable snow fall of the season, it was a massive blizzard, leaving nearly…

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