Bulk Mulch For Sale

Our grinder is at it again! Recently here at Wild Heart, we have been grinding and dying our own mulch. We have natural, brown, and black ready for bulk pick up. We will be strictly selling materials for commercial use. However, we are having a special sale for residential fire and police First Responders here in the County of Somerset. We want to express our appreciation for your relentless sacrifices throughout the year. All you have to do is show your Somerset County ID and we will load you up with a killer deal. Mulching around your property is important because it retains the moisture in the ground when it rains. If you only have dirt around the base of your plants the water will simply run off the ground and you won’t fully nourish your greenery. This could lead to premature death in the plants or drying out. Mulch also helps with weeds, and is an attractive way to upkeep your lawn. Spring may have been a little late this season, but it’s the perfect time to prep your yard. Give us a call for more information as to why mulch is important, or for the address you can pick up our freshly made mulch. Our number is 908-874-6664. Happy Spring Cleaning and remember that: April showers need mulched flowers!

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