Current Projects

Wild Heart is at it again, and we have some exciting news! We are currently hydroseeding Princeton University. The area is approximately 18 acres and should be fully seeded within the week. If you are interested in how efficient and effective hydroseeding is, please check out our past blog posts for more information.

As many recognize, the work we do is very diverse. Our work projects take us all over the Tri-State area. This past month we worked in New York State, completing our demolition assignment of a parking deck. Simultaneously, we fulfilled two other demolition contracts. One was of various masonry buildings in Wharton, NJ; the other project was for a Fortune 500 company, also known for being the largest home builder by revenue in the United States. Our work consisted of demolition, land clearing, concrete crushing, and grading. We prepared the land for the upcoming homes they will soon build.

Currently, our commercial division is working on a demolition project in Howell, NJ.  We are demolishing a three-story municipal building, consisting of 15,000 square feet. As always, we are thankful and appreciative for each client. Our goal is to complete your job in a professional and timely manner, while communicating well and building up a strong working relationship.

Please call us for a FREE estimate, contact us for references, or check out the rest of our website or Facebook page for further information. Thank you!

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