Flipping USA Magazine

Wild Heart Industries is officially at the Heart of the Flip! You may be wondering what exactly we mean by that phrase. Well, Wild Heart is privileged to be on the back cover of the brand new Flipping USA magazine! In addition, we have partnered with the company, Flipping NJ, to be one of the official contractors for demolition as they remodel and enhance the land to flip properties in the Garden State. The magazine is a wonderful resource to find companies that specialize in various trades. Please, check out our ad in the picture below as well as the magazine in the link below. We are thrilled to move forward with this project, while building stronger relationships in the industry.


On the other hand, in the midst of such emotion, our team was unfortunately informed that a friend suffered a great loss. Their home was completely destroyed by a fire. Upon hearing the news Wild Heart jumped into motion and has successfully cleared the area. We are now licensed to work in the state of Pennsylvania and permitted to haul. We are here to help our customers and put their needs first. So, if you know of anyone who needs demolition due to unfortunate circumstances, we are the team to ease their fears and resolve such construction needs in an orderly manner. We have also been keeping busy with various clearing jobs and private bids as people continue to call the office in search of a solution to their needs. With the Fall season approaching, the bids are flowing in at a steady pace. There are a couple large jobs we are looking forward to bidding, and hopefully, in the midst of such a competitive industry, we will come out victorious. Stay connected with all we are doing until our next blog post, and visit our website or contact us with any questions or perspective jobs. May your work vests keep you safe and your hard hats alive.

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