Wild Heart Industries is a family owned business that offers high quality hydroseeding. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and have completed several NJ State DPMC-27 contracting jobs. Wild Heart’s team members are more than equipped to get the job done. Whether commercial or residential, our land restoration is guaranteed to produce results. Our process is one step, so this saves both time and money.

In addition, we only spread our high quality mixture that consists of 100% virgin wood fiber mulch. So, it is not only safe for the environment, but aids in the growth process and is better than most other consistencies. Any other form of mechanical seeding does not create the soil-to-seed contact necessary to form long lasting, firm roots. Through the water pressure used in hydroseeding the seed is impregnated into the soil layer with fertilizer. This process allows the seed to be protected from the elements and gives it the best chance of survival.

Our Latest Project

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