Snow/Ice Management and Demolition

Looking back over the 2015-2016 snow season, New Jersey was pretty warm. It was the first time in years that we experienced weather this mild. However, Winter Storm Jonas changed everything. Not only was it the first measurable snow fall of the season, it was a massive blizzard, leaving nearly 30 inches in some counties across the state. Needless to say, Wild Heart had men out for close to 3 days cleaning up the effects. Many companies ran short on manpower as the weather and working hours took a toll on them and were not able to handle that amount of snow at one time. However, with expert experience and teamwork, we were able to not only complete our jobs, but also help a few other local businesses in the area. This winter we cleared approximately 34 inches of snow. This year, we are proud as we look back over the winter season, and excited as we shift our focus back toward our main source of revenue-demolition. We will be working not only in New Jersey, but finishing up some work in New York as well in the next couple of months. One more final exciting piece of news is the fact that we are now registered as NJ State DPMC General Contractors. So, our possibilities for doing demolition work have grown and we are looking forward to what our future holds.


This year alone, starting from January, we have seeded approximately 500,000 square feet! Hydroseeding is a process that has been around for a little over 60 years. The first commercial hydroseeder was invented in the US in the early 1950’s. The actual process occurs by utilizing water pressure to impregnate the soil layer with seed, fertilizer, and mulch. This procedure allows the seed to be protected from the elements and gives it the best chance of survival. The prime times to seed are during the Spring and Fall. As you could imagine, when the colder months roll in hydroseeding generally slows down due to the extreme conditions. The same could be said of certain summer months depending on the intensity of the heat. However, with the luke-warm weather we experienced this year in New Jersey, we were able to continue seeding the land as we demolished structures. The only time we really experienced a standstill in hydroseeding was when Winter Storm Jonas hit.

Interesting advantages that hydroseeding provides are as follow: time, money, and eco-friendly rehabilitation. Due to the hefty pump system in hydroseeding, you can plant a large area in a very short time. It is proven to be efficient and cost effective. Generally, the process saves money compared to the rate of installation of sod. In addition, hydroseeding has been tested and found to be a successful method for establishing new vegetation and is a great system for stopping erosion. If you are looking for a way to benefit the planet and create a natural landscape, why not take a look at hydroseeding! Here at Wild Heart, we would love to get the job done for you.

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